Amplifest 2022

7, 8, 9, 13, 14 e 15 de Outubro de 2022

Hard Club, Porto

Passe FDS1: 115€ (esgotado)
Passe FDS2: 115€
Passe FDS2 p/ portadores de passe FDS1: 90€ (esgotado)
Passe FDS1 + FDS2: 205€ (esgotado)
Bilhete diário: 55€ (esgotado)

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22h30: Amenra
20h15: Dälek
17h45: Process of Guilt presents Slaves Beneath the Sun
15h15: ?

Beerfreaks Stage
00h50: DJ set
23h55: Prison Religion
21h30: Midwife
19h00: Vile Creature
16h30: Jo Quail
13h15: Amenra: A Flood of Light – A film by Bobby Cochran

Restaurant 1st Floor
16h30: Amplitalk

00h45: Putan Club
22h15: Oranssi Pazuzu
19h45: Brutus
17h00: Elder
14h30: Pallbearer

Beerfreaks Stage
01h30: DJ set
23h45: Fotocrime
21h00: O Gajo
18h45: Irist
16h00: Telepathy
12h30: A Wandering Path (The Story of Gilead Media) – A film by Michael Dimmitt

Restaurant 1st Floor
16h00: Amplitalk

22h45: Cult of Luna
20h15: Caspian
18h00: Birds in Row
15h15: Wolves in the Throne Room

Beerfreaks Stage
01h45: DJ set
00h30: Karin Park
21h30: Patrick Walker (40 Watt Sun)
19h15: Tenue
16h45: Clothilde
14h15: Redemptus: Nothing’s Gonna Wake You Up Like Suffering – A film by Guilherme Henriques

Restaurant 1st Floor
15h45: Amplitalk

23h00: Deafheaven
20h15: Sumac
17h45: Cave In
15h15: Shy, Low

Beerfreaks Stage
01h45: DJ set
00h35: Jessica Moss
21h45: Buñuel
19h00: Caspar Brötzmann Bass Totem
16h30: Luís Fernandes
13h15: It Came From Aquarius Records – A film by Kenneth Thomas

Restaurant 1st Floor
16h30: Amplitalk

01h00: Bongripper
22h00: Anna von Hausswolff
19h30: indignu presents Adeus
17h00: ?
14h30: Bruit ≤

Beerfreaks Stage
01h30: DJ set
23h45: Hellripper
20h45: Spectral Wound
18h15: William Fowler Collins
15h45: Tashi Torji
12h45: The Man Who Loves To Hurt Himself – A film by Anthony Short

Restaurant 1st Floor
15h45: Amplitalk

01h15: The Bug feat. Flowdan
21h45: Godspeed You! Black Emperor
19h15: Envy
16h45: Peter Broderick
14h00: Lingua Ignota

Beerfreaks Stage
02h15: DJ set
00h00: Scúru Fitchádu
20h30: Fennesz
18h00: Aaron Turner
15h30: Bossk
13h30: Migration – A film by thisquietarmy x Hellenica

Restaurant 1st Floor
15h30: Amplitalk